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      How To Decorate A Farmhouse Living Room(Even If You Don't Have A Farm)

      How To Decorate A Farmhouse Living Room(Even If You Don't Have A Farm)

      If you are in the market for a farmhouse living room, there are certain features you should be looking for. After all, the living room is the heart of the home. And if you have a farmhouse, it is the room that gets the most traffic.

      The term "farmhouse" style means many different things to many different people. Generally, however, it refers to a particular type of home decor that was very popular during the first half of the 20th century. This style tends to be charming, cozy, and easy-to-maintain. It is often characterized by heavy use of whitewash, knotty pine, tongue-and-groove paneling, wide-plank floors, low-pitched ceilings, and lots of quilts and other domestic comfort products.

      Today, I am going to share with you a collection of low-cost and easy decorating ideas that you can use to transform your living room into a warm, inviting place where you and your family will want to sit for hours.

      Read on for or top recommendations to take your home to the next level.

      Charming Farmhouse Metal Tobacco Wall Organizers


      Are you looking for a charming complement to your light and airy farmhouse decor? These charming metal tobacco baskets are just what you need! Each basket has a durable wire bottom frame and a top pocket with a hinged metal cover. Use these to fill with dried flowers to create three-dimensional wall art. Or, use them in the bathroom to hold magazines and hand towels. Discover metal tobacco baskets here!

      Large 16W x 22H 
      Small 13W x 20H
      Features a pocket at the bottom
      Hangs with two screw holes

      Farmhouse Entryway Table



      Our sturdy Farmhouse Entryway Table is a charming way to greet guests that's also functional. Inspired by furniture salvaged from an old library, this console features distressed wood shelves and a black metal frame. This distressed wood entryway table is a perfect accent piece for a rustic, farmhouse style home. Discover our Farmhouse Entry Table here.

      Top is made from reclaimed Fir Wood the finish will vary slightly.
      Item Dimensions: 24.5"L x 14"W x 34.25"H
      Materials: Fir wood and Iron

      Frosted Seafoam Glass Wine Jug



      This Frosted Seafoam Glass Wine Jug that comes in a green glass that is frosted or has a seaglass look to it is a statement piece. A new, fresh take on the classic wine jug, that is ideal for holding palm fronds or sea grass. It's a perfect accent for your farmhouse living room table or entryway. More details for this Seafoam Glass Wine Jug here.

      Color & Finish: Frosted seafoam green
      Item Dimensions: 7"L x 7"W x 12"H
      Materials: Recycled glass

      Reclaimed Wood Oval Mirror



      This reclaimed wood oval mirror adds beauty, warmth and character to any room. With its one-of-a-kind look, it's an attractive addition to your farmhouse living room design. Use it to add interest to a plain wall, make a dramatic statement and use it to reflect your best features into a room. Shop now for your reclaimed wood oval mirror here.

      Item Dimensions: 27.75"L x 2.5"W x 32.75"H
      Materials: Fir and mirror
      Mirror Only: 20.75" x 15.75"
      Triangle hook hangers

      In conclusion, no matter what type of farmhouse you are restoring, you should put a lot of thought into the decor you choose. Make sure it complements the rest of your home and reflects your personal style. You should also consider using pieces that have been in your family for generations. They will add warmth and character to your home that nothing else can match.

      5 Unique Gifts For The Farmhouse Lover

      5 Unique Gifts For The Farmhouse Lover

      Do you know a farmhouse lover? If so, this is the perfect gift guide for them! Farmhouses are some of my favorite things to decorate with. I have had several pieces in my home that have come from farmhouses or look like they were made by someone living on a farm. The rustic feel and classic design of these items make them timeless and beautiful. Here are 5 great ideas for that special person who loves the country life!

      1) Charming Farmhouse Metal Tobacco Wall Organizers

      - Add the perfect touch to your farmhouse décor with this set of metal tobacco baskets. Metal Tobacco Baskets are the perfect solution for storing magazines, hand towels, or bathroom accessories! Each oversize tobacco basket features a bottom pocket with a durable wire frame. The baskets can be easily hung with a pair of barely-noticeable screws. Fill them with dried flowers to create three-dimensional wall art. Or, use them in the bathroom to hold magazines and hand towels.

      2) Farmhouse Round Wood And Metal Shelf

      - This Farmhouse Round Wood And Metal Shelf is a great way to add simple and rustic charm to your home decor. This wall-mounted basket features three sections of wooden boards that serve as shelves whenever the basket is hung on the wall. The neutral color palette can pair well with a variety of ensembles, and the wall-mounted design helps you save space.

      3) Farmhouse Lost Socks Hanging Wall Bin

      - Farmhouse Lost Socks Hanging Wall Bin will be your best friend when it comes to missing sock problems. The Farmhouse Lost Socks Hanging Wall Bin is the perfect solution to keep your lost socks off the floor. The lost socks storage bin features a sweet message ‘’seeking sole mates’' on the top black board. It is surrounded with wood edges and galvanized washboard material. At the bottom is a small bin where you can place your missing socks until you can find its match!

      4) Tabletop Mug Holder With Metal Tray - 6 Hooks

      - A great way to display your favorite mugs and keep them organized, this tabletop mug holder is a beautiful space-saving addition to any kitchen. The tray at the bottom helps you store accessories like napkin holders or trivets, while the curved ends provide ample space for up to six mugs so they stay in place. Constructed of metal, it has a grey finish that adds an elegant touch to any kitchen decor.

      5) Farmhouse Wood And Metal Risers - Set/2

      - This Farmhouse Wood And Metal Risers - Set/2 is the perfect addition to your farmhouse table. With its simple design and rustic look, it will add an elegant touch to any setting. Its versatile design makes it easy for you to use as a stand or as a riser. It can be used for entertaining or as part of your everyday decor. Whether you are using it for beverages, appetizers, desserts, or serving dishes, this set is sure to complete your farmhouse style!

      Great Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

      Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

      Mothers and Grandmothers are more than the women who raise us. They are undoubtedly the kind, loving, hardworking people that nurture us into who we are today. What better way to show your appreciation, than a whole day to celebrate their love! May 9th, 2021 is Mother’s Day. Show her just how much you care with unique gifts for all sorts of moms. Home décor gifts, gardening accessories and kitchen décor are some top favorite ideas!

      farmhouse organization 

      For Mom’s That Love To Decorate

      Mothers turn a house into a home with all their love and hard work. A great way to remind them of your gratitude is with accessories for the home. We feature unique decorative options a mother can enjoy including decorative lanterns and custom photo frames. The gift of memories is one of the closest ways to mom's heart. Going through and reminiscing of a photo is something special she will cherish forever! Choose from family picture frames, celebration photo frames or seasonal custom photo frames to remember sweet memories that will last a lifetime!

      herb storage bin

      For Mom’s With A Green Thumb

      Did you know that gardening grew 25% in popularity for Mother’s Day? With Spring weather in full bloom during her special day gardening accessories, are a fantastic Mother’s Day gift idea. We carry a variety of planter pots,  gardening signs, and water fountains that make great presents that keep on giving. Whether she likes to plant and garden, cut flowers, or watch birds these items are a great way for her to participate in the outdoors.

      farmhouse bin

      For Mom’s That Love To Be Organized

      Finding the perfect storage solution can be a daunting task for most people. However, keeping organized and finding that useful solution, Mom’s tend to take the utmost pride in! Shugar Plums Gift Store offers many solutions, perfect for Mom this Mother’s Day! Our organization styles offer various design themes such as Farmhouse Storage and Organization and Primitive Décor Styles. Organization for the kitchen can be seen in this Primitive wall organizer, or in our Farmhouse Metal Storage Bins perfect for the bathroom.

       Whether it is a gift for the home or garden, or a fun organization idea, these gifts will all show your love and appreciation to your Mom this Mother's Day. Adding a personal touch to your gift giving shows that you've really thought about her and admire her for being that perfect Mom!


      Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

      Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

      You know coming up with new designs and concepts to “change up” the look of your space can be a dauting task. There are so many styles and design choices to choose from. Should I go with the popular modern farmhouse look or maybe a more traditional clean lined style? The possibilities are endless!!

      My favorite by far is the ever trending #modernfarmhouse style. I love so many looks when it comes to farmhouse decor.  I love the industrial farmhouse, shabby chic farmhouse, modern farmhouse looks. I love it all. Maybe, that's my problem, I love to many looks so when it come to settling on one, I can't do it. 

      I ventured over to #Pinterest, my go too place to find great ideas and inspirations.  Check out some of these gorgeous ideas. 

      modern farmhouse living room

      Adding barnwood with a simple off white palette seems to be key when going for a farmhouse living room design. Keeping it simple, yet elegant with pops of color adds interest to the eye. Many decorative accents help built the overall look and feel you may be trying to achieve. Here are some suggestions:

      Wreaths And Florals

      birch branch wreath

      This birch branch hanging wreath 26" is composed of fabric leaves and plastic greenery for a vibrant finish. The wreath would look great in any farmhouse design setting as it has an overall neutral look to it and would go perfect against any wood element.

       Farmhouse Wall Decor

      herb wall rack

      Bringing the outside in is a great way to continue with a modern farmhouse interior. This Farmhouse Rustic Herbs Wall Organizer is an absolutely wonderful way to show off growing herbs for your farmhouse kitchen. Can also be used as a two tier shelf for small plants.

      And last but not least, every modern farmhouse living room needs a large wood furniture piece like this wood hutch.

      large farmhouse wood hutch

      Bring the rustic appeal of modern farmhouse furniture style with this beautiful large Farmhouse Wood Hutch! This hutch is ideal for storing objects in the living room, bedroom, or office. With a neutral decor, it will go with any home setting. A perfect accent piece to a farmhouse living room.


      Best Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas

      Best Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas
      Always looking for a holiday gift for someone who has everything? For many people this can be frustrating so they rely on the easy gift of money or a gift card. Now a day these are not the only options available. Consider a few personalized Christmas gift ideas that the recipient will be sure to love for years to come!

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