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      Crystal Sphere Decor

      With Crystal Sphere Decor from the Crystal Heart Journeys Collection you can create a calming, healing environment in your sacred space by adding a Crystal Heart Journeys Crystal Sphere to your home. Other crystal sphere benefits are those crystal stones that are used for crystals for anxiety, crystals for good luck, crystals for depression and even crystals for confidence! 

      Crystal spheres are energy generators. They are considered to be one of the most powerful forms of energy available. Crystal spheres are not just beautiful, they are also a very powerful tool. Crystal spheres are a form of energy that can be used for many applications. They can be used in healing, to cleanse an environment, to help meditate, and they are also an excellent tool for creating crystal grids. Because of their appearance, crystal shapes are beautiful home decor items. These Crystal balls can be used to enhance any area, be it a room, a home, a garden or any welcomed space. Crystals can be placed in a special formation, which helps to amplify the energy emitted from the spheres.

      Crystal spheres are the most common form of crystals. They are made of natural minerals and come in many shapes and sizes. Their colors range from clear, white, to rainbow. Because of their energy-boosting property, crystal spheres are used in many places, such as in meditation centers, healing centers, yoga studios, spas, and more. Check out all the crystal sphere decor Crystal Heart Journeys Collection has to offer!

      Lodalite Garden Quartz Sphere Lodalite Garden Quartz Sphere
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      Druzy Carnelian Crystal Sphere Druzy Carnelian Crystal Sphere
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